Sunday, 11 May 2008

Stroudwater textiles

These photos are from the "make do and mend" site which is a display by 7 local artists on the theme of how we used to repair and reuse items of clothing, some of the displays were visually pleasing but it left me wondering what was the point of it all

At the Space they were showing the work of Clare Lane. it was stunning I stood in front of these two with my mouth open. Photos do not unfortunately do them justice, she takes photo of scenes and digitally alters them, changes the perspective and maybe the colour, they are then printed onto canvas and densely machine stitched in certain areas, the effect is fantastic.The seagulls are a small canvas about 12" x 12" for £200.00 the other canvas was big and about 2000.I am very tempted with the seagulls and I am going back next week to see. Clare`s web site is


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

It is very easy to create pictures like those of Clare Lane. These look like she has used Posterise in thee image menu.
Just take a photo and put it into Photoshop and play with some of the filters and also the sliders on the colour balance (in the Image menu) You will be amazed at what you can do to your photos.
That's what I do with my digital images on my website. I have created whole projects this way. It gives you endless ideas.
Try it.

Gill said...

So interesting to read your comments re Make do and Mend. Maggie (Stitching with Schnauzer & Siamese) and I were there last week (as you know) and I certainly had similar thoughts. Looked gorgeous, visually so attractive, but ultimately....I would have liked to have seen more work by these seven talented women.

Didn't see Clare's work at all but will go back and have a look. It's only down the road form me and I have no excuses!

I saw Art of the Stitch in Birmingham last Saturday and noted several pieces of digital images being stitched into very effectively. Clearly this is a trend which is developing and it will be fascinating to see another take on the idea.