Monday, 12 May 2008

ATC`s and paintshop pro

This is the ATC I made for Kate the first one I have made it is scrim ,lace and calico with hand embroidery I hope she likes it This great ATC arrived this morning from Kate North it is lovely an angel with beautiful copper wings thanks Kate.

We went to Marlborough E.G for a talk on using paintshop pro by Maggie Grey she was great, and by using the digital projector she took us through some of the processes she uses, such as Displacement maps and layers, seeing someone do it makes it more understandable, and she is a very informative and amusing speaker.Shirley Anne has also given me some tips so I am now off to tackle PSP.

1 comment:

sharon young said...

Lovely ATC's, Pippa, your lace one is so delicate.
Good luck with PSP.