Thursday, 10 April 2008

Terrible weather

I took these pictures as I loved the grey tones and shapes of the tyres and ladders on the harbour wall, when I can get to grips with photoshop I will experiment

Have just spent the coldest W/E of the year in a caravan in Cornwall, boy was it cold, we were going to see the Eden project but on the day we were going we woke up to snow so that was abandoned. The days were clear with some sun so we were able to get out and about took these photos of the boats as my daughter who we went with wants to paint them.


sharon young said...

Hi Pippa
What great source pics, great patterns! How annoying for you not to be able to go to the Eden project, we went there very early on in it's developement and have threatened to go back many times.
I love the pic of the boats in the harbour, it brought back many happy memories of living in Cornwall.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Pippa
If you type "Photoshop tutorials" into your search engine you will find lots of free tutorials to try. The best way to learn is to simply play with the filters and image adjustments.Beware - once you start playing it will run away with time.
Have fun