Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Gelatin prints

I used this type of gelatin as it has been knocking around since the days when I used to cook and make things like lemon souffle and pork pies all very nice but very timewasting when you could be playing!I used 10 packets or 2 boxes for my one which was 7" x 9",its one cup of water to 2 packets of gelatin, this makes a really firm jelly.Below are some of the prints I have done, not brilliant, but this tecnique could give great results in the right hands.
The one on the left had paper cutouts placed over the painted gelatin they are supposed to be japanese type letters

The print on the left was achieved by stamping onto the gelatin then laying the fabric on top, all these have been made for use in a Japanese quilt This one was made using a stencil I burnt out and then laid on top of the painted gelatin
The mauve was decorated with brush marks and lines, the green one ,the gelatin was stamped with brown and then the orange colour was stamped directly onto the fabric

This one had skeleton leaves laid on top of the painted gelatin


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Hi Pippa
An interesting technique. I have taken over the rest of the house storing my materials and finished pieces so why not the fridge too???
Will be interested to see what you make using all these fabric samples.

sharon young said...

This is a technique I've never tried, but it looks very interesting, I love the 6th print down, it seems to have a very wistful feel.