Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Gelatin printing

I still cant get the hang of writing in reverse,I have had my first attempt at gelatin printing, having seen jparkerbaxterwood great videos on utube and a piece written by Mary Taylor at made a container using plasticene as a wall as all my clay had gone rock hard, (why does it do that just when you need it) on a piece of glass making sure that it was pushed well down on the glass so no seepage would occur.It was about 1" high and NO cracks as shown on the right above.I measured how much liquid I would need to fill the area by filling it with water then pouring it out and measuring it, this also shows you where any gaps are.Th e amount of gelatin to use is blogged about below sorry about this but its due to writing it all backwoods.When it is full put it in the fridge overnight, next day gently remove the outer wall and hey presto a gelatin base. I tried using procion dyes mixed with manutex to thicken but this was very runny and dried leaving a stiff handle.In the end I used my texiscreen aqua inks which are great they are the right texture and washable. If you do not need to wash the fabric acrylic paints work well on paper inks or paints work are fine.You can brush the medium over the gelatin and then treat it like a monoprint drawing into it, I got on well stamping onto or using a stencil it has endless opportunities. When not in use keep the gelatin in the `fridge wrapped in clingfilm. If you do have children tell them not to eat it as it does take on the colour of the medium and looks like jelly.Do try it when tou have time it is great fun



sharon young said...

Thanks for the in depth instructions, this'll be very helpful as I'd like to try this technique.

Purple Missus said...

What an absolutely fabulous blog you have here. So much detail - very interesting and informative.
Plus the added bonus of some beautiful work of yours.