Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Fairy shoes

I attended a EG workshop with Annette Emms , A lovely lady and a good tutor who does great work it was a great day Annette makes beautiful books often with a pair of shoes and a notebook inside using an old legend as a theme.the outer covers are made from 2 block painting canvasses.

These are some of Annette`s shoes she thinks of a fairy before making them she did all of the fairies in Midsummers nights dream,

Annette is a great tutor warm hearted and generous with her ideas,nothing is too much trouble

This is a photo of all of the shoes produced at the workshop some unfinished. They are displayed on 2 pieces of cork bark I picked up in Portugal whilst playing golf, they are lovely cork trees are not so great when you are trying to play golf they are always in the way, and if you hit one the ball pings off for miles.

These are the 2 pairs of shoes I made, my theme was woodland fairies, so these are the wood blueit fairy ( a type of fungus & delicious)

And these are the moss fairy.


Guzzisue said...

wonderful, too big for my fairy though, but they look like great fun to make

sharon young said...

Hi Pippa
What a lovely workshop, I really do adore these little shoes, I'm completely hooked on anything to do with fantasy!!
You have a lovely blog, I shall be back for a better look as I can see it becoming a firm favourite.
Thank you for dropping in on my blog and leaving your lovely comment.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

The results show that you enjoyed the day. the shoes are really lovely.

Natalya said...

those shoes are just precious...

Michele Matucheski said...

What adorable shoes for the Little Folk! Looks like it was a wonderful workshop!