Saturday, 26 April 2008


This bird is for the choosedaychallenge the bird is procion dyed calico which was then stamped on a quilted background. The background was made a la Linda Westerman, strips of material PVA `d to a calico base

This is the vase for the Fibre and stitch challenge, made from funky foam with organza & silk with machine embroidery, it is triangular and has a glass inside to hold water


Guzzisue said...

hi, faces in the tree are outside here couldnt put photos on my blog as you get disqualified from the challenge as it takes away the fun of having to find places for yourself.Was going to e-mail you but noe-mail addy on your profile:)

Genie said...

Love the vase, and birdie

Genie said...

Thanks for visiting, I was inspired by your vase, and did a painted one with melted case embellishment.