Sunday, 13 April 2008


Madi and I went to Ledbury Artspace today to pick up my 2 bookwraps and see all the others,about 34 in all. All very different and of a high standard, the winner shown far left was a cover made for a childs book, using fabric paper some crochet and lots of work. The one below was for a cookbook & the pie opens up to show the slices of apples, below left was one of the third prizes.Angie said that she was pleased with the amount of people visiting and that "stitch" magazine were going to do an article on Artspace including some of the bookwraps

Three of the bookwraps I thought the polished ammonite was a great closure,The black bookwrap was velvet and nappy liners

I bought this cotton from Trago Mills at only 1.99 a meter it was a bargain, the shoes and clothes my grandaughter "had to have" cost a lot more!


sharon young said...

Hi Pippa
Great book wraps, there is so much work gone into these, I love the top one, so pretty.
Your fabrics are lovely, bought back more memories of visits to Trago Mills, I wish we still lived down in Cornwall ;-(

sandra wyman said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - especially as it brought me to yours, which I'm really enjoying - there's some lovely work here. I will be back - loved the bookwraps too.