Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Felting and fiber studio forum

I joined this group about a year ago it is brilliant for all the information it has instructions and friendly help well worth  a look.      It has a challenge each quarter and this time it was Japanese Art in the Edo period,I thought it would be good to try and stretch myself so I had a go. The picture on the right is the one I copied it is a wall hanging using ink and paint on silk. In hindsight I probably should have put my own twist on it .
I choose to do the main part in prefelts so they were picked from my bag of prefelt pieces.The white on the crane was needlefelted into place.Below it shows the pieces in place and wetted out.
 When I did Andrea's workshop she had us using velcro to hold the roll in place it makes life so much easier and much neater and quicker then tights or rubber bands

 the finished picture colours have dulled because of the white layers felting through and I have put too much white over the rising sun would use more of a yellow tone another time,also looking at it now the tree seems too small but it is supposed to be a bonsai.

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