Thursday, 11 August 2016

wine bottle carrier

Have had great fun making these totes for wine bottles.They are wet felted around a resist then the details on the first were needle felted, the other two had grapes made from felt balls and
felted and embroidered leaves.
My maths are terrible but I am getting better at working out shrinkage rates and for these resists I just took the measurements from a wine bottle added a bit for the handle area and enlarged it by 30% and it has worked well.To me they are the sort of present you would give to someone who has everything!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

new felted items

 Long time since I posted but here goes, having finished my City and guilds in felting I am now enjoying making felted objects mainly scarves. Above is a large wall hanging which I was asked to make which has gone to the States after felting I embroidered the details and on the whole it worked well apart from under charging for it as I had not realised how long it would take but it was a good learning curve,
 I am now very keen on these high ruffled neck wraps which frame the face and elongate the neck,I started making them as a customer  asked me to make a neck wrap to cover her flabby neck.A friend had made her a lace one but it did not come up high enough so was not suitable she really wanted it in lace or crochet and could not understand that i only did felt.It does amaze me  how many people have not got a clue about felting but still buy my scarves.After 23 emails I made her one in dark grey with black lace and she was satisfied. During the course of these emails I took photos of myself in various neck wraps and was horrified to see how droopy my jowls were.

 So mainly been felting neck scarves and some glasses cases ,poppies seem very popular.

 We had three days in Brighton on the hottest day of the year so far the beach was crowded.This is the pavilion which was crowed with students having just received their diplomas.

British Airways tower does not open until August but they were testing it up and down you will be able to go up 162 metres if yo want to.