Sunday, 21 December 2014

Last of the darker side of felt

Well I think Maria Friese has to be my favourite her bowls were superb,very sculptural beautifully finished and a joy and to look at.She gets her inspiration from the cycles of nature as seen in seeds and flowers as in the books by Ernst Haeckel, well I have the books so I must get going

 This piece is huge

Work by members of the IFA

The darker side of felt

Marjolein Dallinga has long been an artist I admire and to see these pieces in the "flesh" was a treat.

These bowls are made by Gladys Paulus very delicate in fact they looked like porcelain it is felt hardened with rabbit glue.

 Needle felted pieces by Stephanie Metz had a beautiful finish to them.

The darker side of Felt

The darker side of felt is on at the Bilston craft gallery
 well worth a visit to see some great felting by international felt artists,the gallery is interesting too and staffed by some great people.The animal hats are made by Barbara Keal.

Thomas Horst is the maker of these theatrical gowns in vibrant colours.