Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jenny Rayment

A weekend with Jenny Rayment,great fun productive and absolutely exhausting,we spent the weekend twiddling tweaking and manipulating calico attempting to produce something along the lines of this one.

 This was mine sewn together and before it was tweaked
Various ones of Jennys

This one we did in the afternoon.

One student did hers with colour

 My finished first piece made into a cushion cover.Jenny also gave a talk dressed in high heels and fishnets,she was hilarious whilst showing us her quilts

A bag which you can turn into a hat!

And she finishes dressed like this

 This is the Sudoko quilt and we did a nine patch piece on Sunday more tweaking and twiddling so I came home with 3 good sized pieces one finished and two nearly,would I ever remember how to do any more, I am too tired to think about it now.

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