Saturday, 13 September 2014

dyeing with walnut ,onions and golden rd

 I found a small amount of goldenrod near where I live and it dyes a beautiful yellowy green so walked miles to eventually find some more.We have a lot of walnut trees near us so I collected the fallen nuts and boiled them up until they went black even wearing gloves I have disgusting black and yellow nails this is the colour you get on wool ,if you add iron you get a blacker brown but I prefer the chestnut colour.Both of these I mordanted the wool with alum and Cream of tartar.
 This is onion skins no mordant needed and an orange colour, the whole house ponged a bit but I am making the most of my husband being away for the weekend .
 This is a fairly short scarf made with the walnut and onion dyed wool.

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