Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dr. Edward Jenner

 Edward Jenner was the man who discovered vaccination and a cure for smallpox it is said that he saved more lives than any man who has ever lived pretty good for a country doctor .This is his house in Berkeley next door to the castle in Glos.
  He vaccinated the local people for freeing his Temple of Vaccinia in part of the garden
 He also enjoyed fossil hunting and this is from a whale washed up the river Severn. He had connections with John Hunter who through his work on bodies provided by Burke and Hair found out how the blood circulates around the body.In his museum in London the entire circulatory system has been dissected out and mounted on a board it is fascinating.

 His original grape vines are still producing lovely dessert grapes and he has a garden of herbs and medicinal plants
 Giant belladonna
 He is buried next to the alter in Berkeley church , a lovely old church and this door is set into the porch wall, also in the graveyard is the Jesters tomb

 Does anyone know what this plant is ???  the black seed pods are quite long about 9 " I have never seen it before and I would love to know.


Gill said...

Lovely post - I have family connections and a lot of family members buried in Berkeley churchyard!
Is your plant pokeweed/pokeberry???

hippopip said...

Thanks Gill I will look that up and your right Berkeley church is very impressive