Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dr. Edward Jenner

 Edward Jenner was the man who discovered vaccination and a cure for smallpox it is said that he saved more lives than any man who has ever lived pretty good for a country doctor .This is his house in Berkeley next door to the castle in Glos.
  He vaccinated the local people for freeing his Temple of Vaccinia in part of the garden
 He also enjoyed fossil hunting and this is from a whale washed up the river Severn. He had connections with John Hunter who through his work on bodies provided by Burke and Hair found out how the blood circulates around the body.In his museum in London the entire circulatory system has been dissected out and mounted on a board it is fascinating.

 His original grape vines are still producing lovely dessert grapes and he has a garden of herbs and medicinal plants
 Giant belladonna
 He is buried next to the alter in Berkeley church , a lovely old church and this door is set into the porch wall, also in the graveyard is the Jesters tomb

 Does anyone know what this plant is ???  the black seed pods are quite long about 9 " I have never seen it before and I would love to know.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

City and `guilds felting

 This week it was making a bowl with a double resist a lot of wool and a massive amount of felting the one above is Carolines the tutor, very smooth and beautiful

 This one is Nicci .s before she cut the holes out and the one below is mine .
 We then had to do two pieces using resists

 these beautiful lizards were made by the tutors in Judit Poc ,s class makes you wish you had done it too.

 Every year I grow squashes and every year they are different  loads of these  fairly small ones I have not picked the butternut yet they are huge .
 This made me smile I suppose it is a "mug tree"

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dolls and felt

Started my City and Guilds felting part 2 last weekend really enjoyed it great tutor and a really lovely  group but I felt my age trying to concentrate and keep up,but at least I have the time at home to put in the work.Had to do the colour wheel yet again threw mine out not that long ago when I went through my old files and got rid of a lot of stuff,why is it that as soon as you get rid of something you find a use for it
 These two pieces I did with resists just to get used to the technique they worked well.

 This is a the of inlay work.
 So pleased with this one nuno felting on silk layer of silk a resist then grey fibres then orange and green, it came out just how I had imagined it.But in cutting out the resist I put the scissors through the chiffon in 2 places I was choked.

 These two look quite cute from a distance....................
 but with a closer look they are rather macabre made from bones,saw Jaberwooky at the NEC and there stand was brilliant like a breath of fresh air they had made these people with bones so a friend and I decided to try. Firstly we do not eat much meat  so getting the bones was difficult, we had a chicken butI boiled the bones so hard to get them clean that they went soft, in the end it was Lamb leg bones head and body and chicken for the arms and legs which I attached with wire so fully movable ,but what to do with them now?