Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Matthew Flinders

Spent the weekend in London for the unveiling of a statue of Matthew Flinders who was the first person to map the coast of Australia in particular the south coast and to prove that Tasmania was an island and that Australia was one land mass.he also gave Australia its name as it had been known as New Holland.The statue which was unveiled by Prince William will be sited at Euston Station as Flinders is buried under the station

Not many photos as no cameras due to security  but if you are interested in a a brave man who is not recognise in his own country visit


Penny said...

Thank you for this post. In 2002 my husband was mayor here in Victor Harbor, South Australia and we celebrated the bi centenary of the meeting of Mathew Flinders with Nicolas Badin in Encounter Bay when both were exploring the coast of Australia.France and England were at war, they breakfast ed together and exchanged information. Here in South Australia Mathew Flinders is a revered man.

hippopip said...

Thank you Penny for commenting, it is sad that very few people here have heard of Mathew Flinders,our daughter lives in Sidney and our last holiday with her was to SA and on Kangaroo Island we saw the stone that Badin Sailors had carved a message.My husband also went to Flinders Uni, to see some of there literature on Flinders.

hippopip said...
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