Sunday, 6 July 2014

Indigo dyeing

 A friend of mine came for the day and we did some Indigo dyeing great fun now have blue nails and splattered legs;The piece above the resist was flour paste pushed through a stencil  these worked quite well. The one below was instant mash awkward to use.
 This one was a stitched resist on a narrow fold was disappointed that the markings did not stay whiter,

 Another stitched resist ori nui this is called
  all of the ones below are arashi or wrapped around a pole thread or string wrapped around and the material is pushed down the pole.
 This linen shift turned out well and goes well with the crazy patchwork bag I made some time ago.
 This is what my lovely friend made me as a thank you  a pair of earrings and this necklace in my favourite colour, it was made on her new machine with machine embroidery a real work of art and I am  so pleased thank you madi
 This is part of a cushion I made about the same time as the bag my Indigo dyeing has always been on the pale side but I quite like the faded look.


Gill said...

What fun - I'd love to have go !!

hippopip said...

It was great fun Gill but takes a long time to get it off places it shouldn't be such as hands and feet!