Monday, 2 June 2014

Out of the box exhibition

Went to Ledbury today to set up my piece in the exhibition,note to myself never ever do a hanging piece again it has a mind of its own, I am stewarding tomorrow and will have to try and sort it outThese two are mine,it was based on the fact that the expression is thought to com from a  9 dot puzzle and you had to join up all the dots with 4 straight lines without taking the pen off the paper,so mine consisted of all printed lines and dots with embroidery.

this automaton  below  is by Angie Hughes is based on a John Masefield poem.
 Penny Turnbull has done several pieces in collage and needle felt
 Another interactive piece ,a book made into a box is by Jo Teague
 one of Penny's
 Felting by Sylvia Thistle
 The cushion and quilt  are by Cheryl Kirby

 These two quilts base on tea are by Lesley Brankin

 Mono printing by Sue Sobczak
last piece by Ann Paterson  on the suffragettes.

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Gill said...

Hoping to get to this tomorrow!