Saturday, 24 May 2014

rusted fabric and paper and Lynn Chadwick

 Two pieces of rusted paper using the tea and rusty metal process, and below is my sewn piece done at  Alice Fox's workshop, I don't think she will have to worry about any competion.
 Lynn Chadwick lived at Lypiatt Manor about 5 miles away from me, he was the first sculptor to use welded rods on the outside of his sculptures.They are very dramatic with a somewhat menacing look and seeing them at Lypiatt in a natural setting was fantastic, in  a natural fold of the hills on a glorious  sunny day.I have only put up a few photos as they are protected by copyright unless they also show part of the landscape.
 A chance to find out more about Chadwick with events at museum in the park.

 We also visited the Pangolin gallery at Chalford which is the foundry   which produced his sculptures as well as Damien Hirsts,Ralph Browns and Anthony Adams to name but a few.The piece below is by Daniel Chadwick his son.
 This sculpture outside of the pangolin I thought was brilliant ,reminded me of the Auks  from Harry Potter,It was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chalfords scarecrow trail which happens every Eastertime and the whole village takes part well worth going to see.This piece was made by the Ladies in the gallery and is called the scary crow

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