Thursday, 15 May 2014

felting workshop with Dagmar Binder

 what a great opportunity a workshop with Dagmar at Felt in the Factory she is a fantastic Tutor and luckily very patient. All the photos below are of her work. She excels at pockets and layers.

 The piece below was inspired by the sight of a shepherd leading his sheep down a rocky path

 She showed us how to make a base of prefect  and a couple of layers of wool before laying down the plastic to keep the layers separate

these are samples of Dagmars layers .
 These are Dagmar's felted layers all to do with the way the wool is layed down.

 It was a 3 day workshop on the first day we were shown how to make the layered piece which was fun the next two days we made a piece from a picture we had chosen
 This one was based on the sea beautiful waves.
 this is a bunch of elm seeds
 Tree bark splitting open

mine was taken from this picture off the web which I thought was of lichen we decided that it was coral
 my finished piece pleased with the interpretation but was rather thick on the hanging pieces.
 Below some of the groups work I must remember to keep it small and un complicated  I am calling my piece "Insomnia" as  it was 3 sleepless nights worrying about getting it done.

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