Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Alice Fox

 I was so pleased to find that Alice Fox was showing Tide Marks at the SIT I have been following her blog which I enjoy  and I love her work it is very melodic and somehow soothing.These two pieces are very long panels of manipulated fabric rust dyed with tea which gives it that muted colour.

 She also uses rust dyeing on paper with chine colle and collagraphs prints to great effect.
And Yipee I managed to get into her workshop so had  a great day with a lovely tutor and some great fellow workers stitching and chatting the Alice Fox way.The piece below is one of Alice's 2 layers with rusty metal inside all stitched up.
 This piece has been dunked in the tea
 Metal items sewn on the top of the fabric

 These pieces below are by the students on the workshop some have laid the metal on top some between the layers with embroidery .

 two of Alice's notebooks
It was a most enjoyable day and I shall be having another go and I have soaked my two pieces in tea and when the magic has taken place I will post the photos


Gill said...

What fun - I would have loved to have done this workshop but sadly they were all full!
I look forward to seeing your results!

hippopip said...

She is a lovely tutor Gill and I love the more muted colours she gets with tea but I still need to do a lot more