Saturday, 10 July 2010

Textile exhibition at Ledbury

As part of Ledbury' s poetry festival The Weavers Gallery put on an exhibition entitled Pomp and ceremony by Elgar,below are the exhibitsThis piece is one of two by LesleyBranan
This embroidered and felted hanging is by Sylvia Thistle

The textured piece below is mine more green and blue sky in real life, and I was so chuffed when I found out it had sold and is being taken back to America. Yippee! When I was making it my Grand daughter had said she would like it and not thinking that it would sell I said she could have it.So I went and got her a iTunes voucher which by the expression on her face was a much better present


Chris Gray said...

Lovely pictures!

I love that little gallery....

...up the little lane.....

...and then up the stairs :-)

Cosy....and they have some great exhibitions there too.

sharon young said...

Wow!! well done!, I've just spent 10 minutes looking at all the entries and got to the last one when I thought, that's the best one and realised it was yours, brilliant!