Sunday, 9 May 2010

Srroud Textile Festival

Had a great day went with a friend to the textile exhib. we discussed ,talked admired and pulled some to pieces.I do not think it was as inspirational as some years and the ones we enjoyed the most were the work by Bath Uni students and The Brunel Broiderers whose theme was "Curious Drawers" NOT the kind you are thinking of but chest of drawers,this was a delight large and small drawers filled with exquisite embroideries & mixed media pieces of a theme that they had chosen.It was an absolute joy looking through them,no photo I am afraid but if you can get to Stroud make sure you see this exhib. The needle felted animals are byAnnie Hutchinson
In with the museum exhibs textile pieces by Bath Spa students had been placed, lovely pieces fresh and tought provoking

Deidre Nelson has been artist in residence at the museum for the last 6 months and this is the result, red tennis balls made by the only local firm still making felt which they make into tennis balls usually yellow.Red in this case as Stroud made the red felt for the Army.Deirdre has couched various sayings onto the balls which are placed around the museum ,For 6 months work I was a little disappointed what do you think?
Jewellery byAngela O'Kelly

These tapestries in most cases quite large are by Jo B arker

Gorgeous willow installation by Caroline Sharp
Quite a few of the shop windows had textile pieces in and you sure couldn't,t miss this one
This was a small exhibition but we really liked the pieces shown.

These papier mache tea cups were hanging next to this lovely apron

A close up of the apron

We also saw work by Cork textiles network which was stunning ,interesting and witty, I took the photos but when I was down loading onto my new computer I messed up the down load so my apologies


artymess said...

Some of the work looks interesting but I agree about the red tennis balls ???? !!! I don't 'get it' sometimes the ammonites are great though .........Lorna

sharon young said...

You are such a generous blogger, Pippa, giving us a wonderful tour of the great exhibitions you visit, this post was no exception.
As usual I loved the student work, there's always so much freedom and life to it, they are able to just do, without agonising over everything, and the freshness shows.