Friday, 18 September 2009

Henry Foyle and our Exhib.

I managed today to find time to whizz up to Redditch to get to the Needle Museum to see the Henry Foyle awards, I had suggested to Sharon that she took part and she was excepted and made this superb hat below, so much work in it and so well thought out.The theme was " Freedom" and Sharon was using the hat design to express her own creative freedom,well done Sharon. This all seeing eye is under the flap of the hat.

This is the winning entry the textile artist is doing her MA and had made the piece to fit the spot which it did brilliantly, it is made of fishing lines with words embroidered over.It is the first time I have agreed with the decision of the judges.

Choosing where it was being sited really gave it the edge it looked part of the decor and was an inspiration.

This man was great, painted fabric a la Lynda and Carol.

This one won the workbook award.

And this piece received the award for technical excellence.

I should have posted about our exhib. at Ledbury but first I had the shingles and than 10 days without an internet connection while we were trying to up grade it, so the exhib. is now on as part of H A week or open studios in Hereford week.

This is Pennys work her mainn piece Icarus was exhib. at the FOQ><

Some of her lovely smaller pieces all on the theme of the sea , including a felted bowl.

This is Cheryl`s work she paints onto canvas and then machine stitches over and into the painting they are very colourful and quaint.

These pictures are Pennys,

Sue`s theme was beatles and she did the most glorious stump work and goldwork pictures, click on the photo to enlarge it my favourite is the red beatles they glow.

These are Angie`s two new pieces inspired by her ballon flight and Hunderwasser.Dyed and foiled velvet machine sewn.

Angie`s moving piece inspired by John Masefields poem "I must go down to the sea again"

And lastly my corner all ammonites.I was really pleased with the final piece which is the long framed one,but shock horror it cost £128.00 to frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!