Sunday, 25 January 2009

I am a lucky girl

My first Calender Girls arrived in the post this week, and it could not have been a better one,it was from Val, I love the way she has kept the beauty and colours of the original in her version of it,I am so grateful.Haven't done much this week as we have been moving furniture about and the carpet fitters have chipped the paint off the skirting board in our newly decorated bedroom.I rang up the boss to complain about this and he had the cheek to tell me it was probably because it had not been decorated very well.This annoyed me as I was the one who had sanded and painted them,so he got an earful, he hasn't knocked anything of the bill so he is going to get another call.
Great egg drawings,just a shame that Paul the tutor drew them and not me.

Husband and I have have just started 6 weeks of drawing classes,for beginners,3hours went by so fast.After several warming up exercises he had us drawing eggs,difficult getting them to look solid but he was very good at explaining how to curve the shading lines to make the egg "pop" out.

I tried drawing this pear at home as we are supposed to draw each day, why it looks as if it is leaning backwards I have no idea.

This is what I settled for in the end thanks to those who helped by commenting, only another 3 to go.
After a great morning at drawing classes lunch in a pub for £2.00 each we came home to decorate a bedroom,my husband passed out twice went down like a tree,quite worrying I took his B/P and it was a bit on the low side so he was told to stay in bed.Typical man decided to get up and he keeled over again so phoned the GP who much to my amazement was still at the surgery and took him down.His B/P was right down due to the fact that they had him on Ramipril as he is a diabetic to test his kidneys and the dose was too high,quite a worry so he is off the tablets and he is now fine one way to get out of the decorating

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Help please

Blogging tonight as tomorrow we have to shift furniture in 3 bedrooms for new carpet and I have a strong suspicion that I will not be able to get into my crafting room.I am doing a series of 4 of these box canvases 2 rust coloured 2 turquoise,with painted ,zapped, and stitched kunin felt Plus ammonites.Well the question is,has the first got enough on it or does the 2nd one look better? any suggestions would be appreciated.Forgot to use the daylight bulb.

Something someone told me once was to take a photo of where you had placed pieces so that you could put them back in the same place,you probably already know this, but if like me the memory is going it is a great reminder.This is a lap quilt I am making for my daughter in Oz, why she wants a lap quilt when it has been 40 degrees in Sydney I have no idea.She wants to try living back in the U.K !

These are 2 of the finished squares,the shoes are because Lisa loves her shoes and the piece by Edward Mon kton is right up her street." When I wear my killer heels men will gasp with passion ,lust and longing & girls will sigh with despair.For I shall be the total queen of hotness & they shall be my faithful humble slaves."Great

Saturday, 10 January 2009

postcards and Atcs

Before Christmas I was very honoured to be asked to join Calender girls a group of 13 bloggers who each month make a card from a given picture from a calender and send it on to another member,I of course accepted before they changed their minds.This month the artist was Shane Pickett an aboriginal from Oz it is asuperb pictur and i enjoyed doing it,I painted calico a la Fibre in form and then added french knots,below is the original.

I made this bag for my daughter as she liked the other one,I do like this colour she and my granddaughter are very good at wearing and using the items that I make which is very gratifying

I have also made 35 ATCs for a swap which Kate of quilting fame is organising,I think I prefer making postcards less of a fiddle.

I have been making more cards as I just adore this technique Fibre in form start another texture class very soon so go and book up you won`t be disappointed.

The leaves look so beautiful this time of year with a coating of frost.

Lynda from Purple Missus has been talking on her blog abut light tents,and in a ahha moment I thought well my chiropody light has a large round daylight bulb so lets go try it.The photo below is one taken in a mixture of artificial and daylight but the colour is truer in the one below taken with the daylight bulb.This time of year it is quite a problem taking a decent picture and getting the colours right. It is a piece of kunin felt coloured with transferred dyes and machine sewn with the addition of zapped organza and foils,we did it at Angie Hughes masterclass but it has not inspired me to finish it.

My chiropody light

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Testing testing

Sharons blogs please read it here I can do it Yippee and it has only taken 2 hours!!!!!

New Year

A happy healthy and creative New Year to one and all.I spent some time reading other blogs when I should have been getting on with some work,Sharon`s is one that I read regularly and her latest blog is well worth a read she has intertwined her thoughts and photos perfectly,click here,is that doesn't work(I have no faith in my IT skills) it is One of her thoughts is on the loneliness of doing C&G, as a distance learning course I am so glad that I completed mine just as they were finishing around here such a pity.I was not gong to start until I had retired but went to the end of term exhibition and was hooked I went intending to do felting but the embroidery was so inspiring,tutor Frances Pickering, that I signed up for that instead.The 20 or so other students added to the fun and enjoyment of the course and I learnt as much from them as from the tutors, three of us still meet up regularly and exchange ideas and courses we have done, so I do feel for Sharon, but she has created some great pieces for her course. The library has got me "Finding your own visual image" I have only attempted two exercises so far but have read through the book twice,the articles on evaluation I really found useful as was the page on altering a piece but a lot of it is things we all know and do without being conscious of it. So you end up thinking what have I gained? and what does fiddling around with bits of paper and 20 rubber stamps do for you?I am not normally short of ideas and projects, and you just have to read some of the great blogs out there to get inspired and there is never going to be enough time to finish all the things I would like to make and do anyway so why do I spend time reading these books when I should get on and do it,having cut out these bits of paper and done this designing they do not attempt to mention how you transfer it to fabric.If you want a book to spark off new ideas ,yes I can see the point and they are 3 good tutors but what does everyone else think?Well I think my New Years resolution must be to stop procrastinating