Sunday, 6 December 2009

Felting and disasters

I have been felting again and it is such fun when it all goes right, this was supposed to be a shrug but it shrunk too much so I will see if my Ma would wear it as a bed jacket,it is lovely and warm.Above is the back of the shrug I was sewing it together at a quiz night and a friend male said it reminded of the inside of his hoover bag! Male naturally, and a bit sad if you have time to examine the inside of hoover bags I shall have to get him a nice little hobby.
I also made this top with instructions from "Felting Fashion" it is a great book on nuno felting very instructive with tips that really help,this is more mauve than the photo and it is wearable but rather short for a plump middle like mine.It did not shrink sideways but really shrank longways which was down the grain,which I thought was a bit odd.

The colour combinations are glorious and she shows you how to add godets and pockets and get the felt into a shape.

This is called the poppy coat.

Met up with some friends and one of them inspired by an enlarged photo of a seed head had made this piece using a technique from June Barnes¬ book she had sew the wool into circles cut them out and dyed them then mounted them onto a textured background,it was inspirational and one of the " oh I wish I had done that things" I have seen in a long time.

So I decided to have a go, I sewed circles like mad into an old blanket rushed out and bought some acid dyes only to find that the cotton was still white.So out again to buy the right colour green cotton , more sewing and dyeing,started to sew it together and found out I needed twice as many as I had done so back to the machine.I decided to sew the circlkes together so that they were convex, for some reason this tended to flatten them,and I have ended up with a large lumpy unattractive mess which looks a bit like a dinosaur egg.

And it doesnt matter which angle you take the photo from it still looks as bad.
I might hang it off a tree in the garden and pretend it just grew.


The WestCountryBuddha said...

Your friend must have very strange contents in his hoover bag. What on earth has he been up to?

I bet those shrugs are just so warm and comfortable..wearing one in bed is a brilliant idea to keep the chills off.

I laughed when you said you'd hang the green piece off a tree and pretend it just grew...sort of like a environmentally aware wasps nest? Hilarious. It certainly sounds as if you're having a lot of fun.

sharon young said...

Love the shrugs, particularly the purple on, and your account of your friends reaction mad e me think how typically male.
I think your green piece looks like a seed pod.

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi there :)
Happy new creative year to you :)
love all this felting you're doing... but most of all thank you for the huge grin on my face at your last statement in this post... you're a star!!