Sunday, 16 August 2009

A little quilt swap and the Banksy exhibition

I took part in Another little Art quilt swap organised by Kate,you made an art quilt, posted a photo on Kates blog an then voted for them in order of preference,I made two so I had 2 in return, this one as seen on Lynda`s blog which I shall get at the FOQ,
And this lovely one from Penny in Oz, the photo does not do it justice, it is lovely and loads of hand sewing Kantha style I am so pleased many thanks Penny.

This one of mine which went to Lisa in Oz. called carrots and cupcakes, which was screen printed with dyes discharged and reprinted.

This is a detail of the ammonites from the quilt which went to Penny in Oz, so we swapped quilts.

I went to the Banksy exhibition in Bristol museum with my daughter and granddaughter and queued for 2 1/2 hours at least it wasn't raining and when you get inside it is not too crowded to have a good look.This one is painted on a wall in Park St.

I must apologise for the poor quality of the photos my camera has bust again so was using my husbands and we were not allowed to use a flash and the lighting was dim.

This one is called " The Angel of the North" complete with fags and drink.

A Damien Hirst print which he sells for over a thousand pounds vastly improved by Banksy.

This is entitled " Flight out of Egypt"

My favourite she looks as if she is really enjoying the rest and the ciggie.

Great idea this one complete with blood.

Terrible photo but it is a mother hen with her "chicks" they are in fact chicken nuggets!

Tweetie complete with bird flue.

This one states you can get away with anything as long as you put it in a large gold frame.

Daughter and granddaughter in classic pose

This is police in riot gear tripping through the daisies

I do apologise for these pictures I had not realised they were so bad.


sandra wyman said...

Really enjoyed this post - lots of allsorts. When will you be at FOQ?

Christine said...

Always a joy to read your blog - special thanks for this one!

westcountrybuddha said...

Oh brilliant, brilliant! Thanks so much for posting those photos, as it's an exhibition that I would love to see but won't be able to get to. Did you see on the TV last night that Banksy has been found! Well sort of, someone reckons to have an early tag in their bikeshed, where strange to tell, a young man grew up some few years ago. The electoral roll should tell all.

Love the quilts too!

Madi said...

Loved your cupcakes and carrots quilt, thanks for sharing the Banksie pictures, some lovely social comments there, particularly liked the parliament of apes.

maggi said...

Lovely art quilts. Regardless of the quality of the photos his message still gets through.

sharon young said...

Great post, Pippa, the exhibition looks amazing, my son told me about it, I'd love to see it.

Love your quilts, especially cup cakes and carrots, inspired :-)

Jackie said...

That was a fascinating glimpse of the exhibition. Thanks..he's very clever.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

What great images from the Banksy exhibition, thank you for sharing. I would have loved to have seen it, he's so talented. In a way I hope they don't find out who he is!

Kayla coo said...

Thank you for sharing these images.
I wished I could have visited this exhibition.
M x