Sunday, 2 August 2009

Berkeley castle.

This my calender girls card for August based on a card by Erika Oller, I love her sense of humour I just went with the hearts on this one.It has a backing of painted foil then a piece of silk paper then the hearts cut out of paper fabric and organza over the top which makes it difficult to photograph. We spent a lovely afternoon at Berkeley Castle, which is probably best known for the death of Edward II who was imprisoned there,we saw the room he was kept in, adjacent to a dungeon pit into which they threw dead animals the idea being that the gases they gave off would kill you.In his case he survived that but was either strangled or the red hot poker version .Common people were just thrown down the pit ontop off the animals poor souls, but the fall would have probably killed them . This elegant building is where they would have kept the dead game and meat to keep it cool,it would have hand wire mesh panels to keep the flies out.
Berkeley is famous for being the longest lived in castle, it has some beautiful wooden doors

The Berkley family fought in many wars and brought back a sapling tree from each of the battles, this tree came from the Flodden.

It has the most beautiful chimney pots I think these are called barley sugar.

They also have a butterfly house with some beautiful creatures

This one took a fancy to my daughter, I can understand why.


smarcoux said...

lovely butterflies .. and the chimney pots are fantastic ... the calender group is great I love how you girls do one for each month and the variation of them all each persons perspective .. well done

Penny said...

Hi Pippa, I have just sent you my quilt from Kate Norths little art quilt swap and I think I have one of yours in return. If you go to my blog where you will find my email on my profile page, could you email me as I need to explain a couple of things.
OH and very excited about your quilt that I get!
I am loving your site as well.

maggi said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for the blog comment. Not sure which day(s) you are going to the FOQ but I am on the Little Gems stand Thursday 12 -2 and Saturday 10-12 so do drop by and say hello if you are there. Maggi

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I take lots of photos of doors and I found this site of a quilter who has used doors to such great effect.