Sunday, 28 June 2009

A hetic week end

Jazz at Upton upon Severn and the sculptures at Quennington all in glorious sunshine,Upton is a very old town with half timbered houses on the river Severn it holds a jazz festival one weekend every year.

It starts on Saturday with a procession through the town, and as well as some of the bands taking part we have dancers and lots of ladies with umbrellas.

Lamarrote from Holland are my favourite band great fun and full of enthusiasm there are about 10 venues around the town to choose from and every type of jazz.

The Old Vicarage at Quennington plays host to the biannual sculpture exhibition with around 160 sculptures all set in the beautiful gardens,here is a shot of the library which is the round building it is a delight.

Star form,a giant seed pod made in copper we all loved this one.

First of all put in a swimming pool!

These are made from resin and roofing felt I loved the shape but the finish was too shiny for me.

My favourite he is very tall and gorgeous but I will have to keep saving as he is over 6 thousand pounds

60 blue resin hands hanging from a tree.

Two "dressed" trees ready for the ball.

Painted hessian sewn into a house shape and filled with sand £90 each,

This is a man looking down at his own reflection on water, 4.6 m.high £62,000.

One of my husbands favourites,I do not think I would give it house room

Across the road in the church they had an exhibition of the local children's artwork, papier mache heads which they had really pulled out all the stops and excelled in being very creative, why when we grow up do most of us loose all there freedom and creativity.

The church had a great collection of beautiful kneelers


Jackie said...

What an interesting post. Loved the sculptures.

Pat said...

Thanks for this, nearly as good as a visit. Love the seed.

Heather said...

Super post and the sculptures are amazing - there really is something there for everyone. I love the children's art in the church.