Sunday, 28 June 2009

Or even a hectic weekend!!!!!!!

A hetic week end

Jazz at Upton upon Severn and the sculptures at Quennington all in glorious sunshine,Upton is a very old town with half timbered houses on the river Severn it holds a jazz festival one weekend every year.

It starts on Saturday with a procession through the town, and as well as some of the bands taking part we have dancers and lots of ladies with umbrellas.

Lamarrote from Holland are my favourite band great fun and full of enthusiasm there are about 10 venues around the town to choose from and every type of jazz.

The Old Vicarage at Quennington plays host to the biannual sculpture exhibition with around 160 sculptures all set in the beautiful gardens,here is a shot of the library which is the round building it is a delight.

Star form,a giant seed pod made in copper we all loved this one.

First of all put in a swimming pool!

These are made from resin and roofing felt I loved the shape but the finish was too shiny for me.

My favourite he is very tall and gorgeous but I will have to keep saving as he is over 6 thousand pounds

60 blue resin hands hanging from a tree.

Two "dressed" trees ready for the ball.

Painted hessian sewn into a house shape and filled with sand £90 each,

This is a man looking down at his own reflection on water, 4.6 m.high £62,000.

One of my husbands favourites,I do not think I would give it house room

Across the road in the church they had an exhibition of the local children's artwork, papier mache heads which they had really pulled out all the stops and excelled in being very creative, why when we grow up do most of us loose all there freedom and creativity.

The church had a great collection of beautiful kneelers

Friday, 19 June 2009

For those of you who live near Gloucestershire the sculpture show Fresh Air is on from the 14 June until the 5 of July, it is a superb show set in beautiful gardens at Quenington and well worth a visit. ., I have made the cushion below from indigo dyed fabric from C&G days it is for the local horticulture show for the patchwork entry.May`s Calender girls card was from Neki it was sent to Oz by mistake so it is well travelled, it is a take on the water lilies by Monet it is very textural and a beautiful warm golden colour.

Junes card was from a painting by Ton Shulten, I find the ones that I really like more difficult to do than the ones I am not so fond of.

The following are from a visit to Stroud College an open Art week, some of it was weird and wonderful but I liked the techniques used in the picture below,

and these two paintings ,quite large where stunning, a very talented lady.

Some sculpture, and this one to bring a smile this little old lady on her zimmer has written round her hat...."Do not go gently into the good night" one side and " old age should burn and rave at the close of day", my sentiments exactly.Anyone know where this quote comes from?

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Dawn Dupree`s workshop.

It is so great after all those hours of digging, manuring,planting watering ,throwing down slug pellets, to start reaping the benefits. Over the Bank holiday I did a 3 day work shop with Dawn Dupree, of the supermarket trolley fame, her work is not quite what I would want to put on my walls but she gets fantastic depth to her screen prints, and she is a very good tutor. Two of her pieces are shown below, she is into vacuum cleaners ironing boards and of course trolleys.
The first day we had to decide on the design that we wanted on our silk screens, I spend a lot of time at workshops thinking why didn't I do that or bring that I did not know that you could bring a image and have it photocopied ready to go on the screen so I had to draw mine, well you live and learn. We dyed fabrics with dye pastes , steamed then we discharged the fabrics and steamed again,the next day we procion dyed and discharged again,followed by pigment printing and flocking and foiling. It was fantastic but very tiring and I was almost glad to go back to work for a rest.
Dawn on the left putting the fabric into the steaming machine.

Some of my work in progress.

The washing line ,luckily it was quite sunny so fabrics dried well.

This is the machine used for flocking and foiling.

This lady was doing pictures of her children.

This is a photocopied image of a bewigged gentleman. Drawings of boots and jars.

The two lasses over from Ireland were well prepared, they had brought images to photocopy and then image onto the screen.The writing is from a letter of her Mother in laws who had died last year.

The red flocked image is a cow.

They were both very industrious and really pushed the boundaries, it must have been expensive to come over from Cork and stay for 3 nights but they said they do not get this level of tutoring in Ireland ,we are so lucky here.

The two below are from one of my screen prints I had to drawn the out by hand as I did not bring any images to photocopy, the others had the sense to bring ready made images.

This piece was printed at the workshop and flocked,the maroon circles at the bottom and the squares in the centre are flocked, I like this piece and will put it up on the wall when I can work out how to display it. The pieces below I have done at home using a screen and Gocco printed screens,I pinched the idea of carrots from one of the Irish girls I love them so quirky.

This is my favourite the colours in real life are darker and more vibrant this one is going up on the wall we are supposed to be down sizing but i need all the wallspace I can get!

The trouble with size 8 feet is they are so large they always get in the photo.