Sunday, 10 May 2009

Toads and wax

Our dog usually called the terrier from hell, spent the weekend at our daughters,I think that they spent the W>E partying and carousing as she has laid dormant for the last twelve hours. I met up with 2 friends from City & guild days and we tried out encaustic wax,not something I have been dying to try but it was more fun than I thought. You melt the wax on a flat iron and then swoop it across paper which has a shiny finish,you can have more than one swoop but two many and the end result can be a muddy colour.Wax can be dripped on and spread with the point of the iron, or spread with a special heat tool.when it has cooled you can polish it to get a great shine,some of my attempts are shown below

This work was in the latest Quilting Arts and it is by Deborah Kruger who uses the wax on fabric to great effect.

I bought these nuno felted mittens and scarf plus linen jacket from a local charity shop,a real bargain.beautifully modelled here by Olive the colour really suits her.

This was the inspiration for this months card chosen by Doreen from OZ. it is a Monet when I see lily pads I think of toads

so my card this month is one little toad begging to be kissed I just hope that Sandy likes it .

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sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Toad appeal - it's cute.