Saturday, 11 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all and may the great Easter Chicken bring you lots of eggs and good health and happiness.
I went down to the Severn and this photo is to try and show how wide it is here

I got plastered in mud but I had a wonderful time, one of my favourite pastimes looking for fossils.Angie had suggested that as I was using fossils as my focal point I should think about what they meant to me and why I liked them so much.So I trekked off to Fretherne on the Severn

This is the church where I park the car and walk over 3 fields and down to the Severn

We used to see this flower a lot in my childhood but down here is the only place I see it now it is called cuckoo flower or milkmaids.

And a lovely bed of teasels

As well as getting plastered in mud I got these fossils, some ammonites but I still need to find the 2foot one, in the lower left hand corner are criniods these are a sea lily and the pieces you can see are the stem.

I have great enjoyment collecting them it is the fun of finding them and the fact that they are thousand of years old and yours for the looking.

Apologies for the last post half of it appears to be missing and what is worse is I was stone cold sober when I posted it.


Jeannie said...

The fossils are amazing and would be so much fun to find. I look forward to see what these inspire you to create. Cheers.

Guzzisue said...

maybe you need to take more alchohol with your water :-)

Genie said...

OOOH lucky you i love Fossils,
Happy Easter wishes

Jackie said...

I didn'f realise you could pick them up on riverbanks.Lucky you.

Pat said...

What wonderful finds, thanks for the comment on my doodle,I know what you mean I don't dare look at the others until mine is done. Have the same thing with Calendar Girls.

sharon young said...

What a lovely flavour of your local area, I can't believe those fossils, no wonder you're hooked on them. I love ammonites, but have never found one, had to resort to buying them from a shop :-(
I said exactly the same thing about the Milkmaids at the w\e too.
Many thanks for your lovely comments on my post.


Ahhh, Severn mud; nothing quite like it is there...such a wonderful smell and it sticks like glue. So much of it too! I enjoyed seeing the photographs as it's been a while since I've visited the homelands. Sigh. The Easter chicken is splendid too, and thank you for your Easter, the very best to you to!