Sunday, 19 April 2009

Aprils card

This was our card for April I love trees and especially birch trees but I could not get inspired. This was an image from photoshop.

Jenny from feltedfibres sent me this lovely one the bark really stands out, but still no inspiration.I have a load of birch bark that my sister gave me about 6 years ago and I wanted to use that but how. Well this is the result after many failures I do not think I will be using the bark again, so it is all real birch bark with some painted kozo fibre,I am finding the kozo very useful.

This superb bridge is at Monmouth, we went at the weekend to see the temple at the Kymin, my husband belongs to the 1805 club a Nelson society and they put some money towards restoring this temple which commemorates England's finest admirals.

Unfortunately Britannia has had her trident taken someone must have climbed up and removed it. The names of the Admirals are on the plaques around the temple.

The Kymin is named after these massive rocks which are strewn around the place, it was built in 1800 and Nelson visited Monmouth by boat and was impressed with its scenery

This building adjacent to the temple was built in 1794 and was used weekly for dining by a select club it has the most fantastic views.


maggi said...

Lovely postcard. The Kozo fibres work really well with the bark. The Photoshop image is awesome. Thanks for sharing the Monmouth photos

Jackie said...

I too am inspired by pictures of birch forests but I have yet to make a piece of work from them..Its difficult not to make an image that is like all the images you've ever seen of birch forests! Yours was original, using the actual bark.

sandra wyman said...

Love forests trees and especially birches too - and like your treatment of the picture. Thanks for your comment on my blog - the toe is healing nicely