Tuesday, 3 March 2009

One more to the hundreth!

Next blog is my hundredth so will have to think of a giveaway.

I have bought this book It is very good if you do not know anything about colouring, painting ,heat treating metal and then using it for stitching,I was disappointed with it as a lot of it I already knew and found most of her finished pieces uninspiring I have photographed some of them so that you can decide.

I always collect metal toothpaste tubes & tomato puree tubes to keep for the metal,after washing I smooth the metal out with a spoon and then emboss first onto the wrong side and some on the front,

beeswax is dripped into the indentations to keep them solid.

The edges have been wrapped around a piece of cardboard and then "rub and buff"is spread over the surface left to dry,it is then polished off in the raised areas.

These two have been painted with Adirondack alcohol inks

and this is a completed one.

Found this fungi in the woods in a damp spot it just glowed I was told it is red elf cups.

I kept so warm stitching the edging on my daughters quilt that I decided to make a lap quit for myself.I used some of the breakdown screen printed fabric that I did last year (managed to use some Shirley)which was edged with a procion dyed black and an orangey yellow which was dyed with onion skins.I had printed the kopopelli after screen printing,I did think that I would not be needing it but it has got much colder again. Art classes are going fairly well,a bit galling to find that your beloved husband is a "natural" at perspective I wish he would share it out. We also did some tonal drawing which I quite enjoyed but I need a lot more practise.

On Sunday went to visit my Mother and we walked along by the river,where these photos were taken, this is the trap to let the fish through

and at the Museum of rowing statues of Pinscent and Redgrave,most unusual as the faces are coloured I was not sure that I liked this effect.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Glad to see you using your fabrics. I could do with a lap quilt. I usually work until 2 or 3am and once the heating has switched off it gets cold. Keep meaning to bring a blanket down or... make a lap quilt!!
I have Ann Parrs book and use it as a reference and 'jog the memory' book. Been there, done that but sometimes forgetall the different things I've done.
Toothpaste makes a good filler too!

Jeannie said...

Thank you for the book review. So many sound appealing and then turn out to disappoint. Your metal work pieces are wonderful and congrats on almost 100 posts. Have a fantastic rest of the week. Cheers.

Individual Surrender said...

I love that you re-use those metal tubes. That's a fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

Nice metal work. I haven't tried it. The fungus is a beautiful color and shape.

sharon young said...

I love your opening pic, Pippa, is it metallic piece?
I see what you mean about the book, I have to say I prefer the samples you've made from toothpaste tubes, I think they're lovely. I might have to have a go at this, although my toothpaste always comes in a plastic tube.
Love the quilt, very bold and different.
I think perspective is a 'man' thing like parallel parking, it's all to do with spacial awareness and very irritating.