Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mothering Sunday.

I never realised until our daughter moved to Oz. that Mothering Sunday varies from country to country, or rather the date does.I thought that it was in the church calender,my husbands say it varies so that they can shift the cards around the world when they don't sell! Well I did not go to see my mother attired like the lady above as unfortunately I do not have her sylph like figure,but we did all go out for lunch and a walk along the river at Hurley.
A lovely old wall at Hurley,and the daffodils and cherry blossom by the river.

Carol choose the card this month for calendar girls and it is the most beautiful colours, it was taken in Korea and I think it was turquoise and orange netting or fleece .

I already had a satin material in the right colour and some kozo fibres dyed orange and turquoise
so with the addition of some orange organza I was all set.I did not alter the original much as I liked it the way it was.

A friend has lent me one of Yann`s books and the are great inspirations for textile pieces,the strangest photos are quite breathtaking ,the one I am thinking of is a shot of uranium mining in northern Aus.


Guzzisue said...

I recently acquired a book called above the world which I think is similar to this, its on the pile of inspirational books ready to be used :-)

Great colour combination!

Kim said...

And a happy (late) Mothering Sunday to you! You've a lovely blog, and very inspirational too. I too love the stitching on Metal book... there are so many good technique books out now, it is good to see so much interest!

sharon young said...

The gardens in Hurley look beautiful. and weren't we lucky with the weather, considering it was forecast to rain.
Maybe I'll get Yann's book from the library, but having said that I did struggle this month!

Purple Missus said...

Great interpretation Pippa. Good choice of colours.
Did you find out the netting or fleece fact from the book?