Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Cracking up fast.

Well I am cracking up fast my apologies for not doing the draw on Sunday it was because I went on this early Thursday morning...... For three days of golf with 24 other members of our golfclub at Hardelow and Le Touquet and the sun even shone.
And thanks to great team members like Marian who got this close to the hole with her tee shot on a par three I won on 2 days! I did take my laptop but I didnt get on line so that is my excuse.

We then moved on to Lille where the traffic was awful and we would have gone on but we did not have the correct car lights so luckily we stayed and found a great old fashioned hotel in the old quarter.Lille is great for beautiful architecture some very Flemish and in with all these lovely buildings were these devils/angels which were oddly fascinating,made by some Russian co -operative.

This house was built for Coilliot a ceramic artist by Hector Guimard in the Art Nouveau style, the walls are made of enamel no straight lines or any symmetry,it is a stunning house now in need of some tender loving care.

Well I finally got around to drawing out a name or rather my daughter did and Guzzisue is the winner, well she could probably do with a warm scarf on that motorbike. Many thanks to everyone for taking the trouble to comment, lovely to hear from all of you.


Jackie said...

I love that ceramic house. But I'm not sure about the dragon/bat/baby!

sharon young said...

Great post, Pippa, I've been on the Euro star as a foot passenger but never by car, looks very exciting.
Those sculptures are amazing
I don't know if I love them or hate them.