Sunday, 15 February 2009

Using the paint techniques from Fibre in form I have finished these 4 box canvases using budgie grit for the ammonites,2 pewter and 2 rust

Following on from last week I have been making stamps from foam,I have been using an old yoga mat and as it is thinner than the usual blocks I mount them onto wood first.I like the vague patterns best the leaves like the ones Sue did and the wicker basket I think these could be very useful

More mould making using latex and these two tubs which you mix together to harden both end up with a rather too soft mould,OK for casting plaster but does not work so well with the loo paper technique so I might have to try making aplaster casting from these then they will be inside out you cant win.

I made these two using Sculpey brushing a thin layer of it over a photocopy of an ammonite,very disappointing.

Spent most of this W/E trying to workout how to make my next ammonites piece for the end of year show at Ledbury.I want the piece to be very textured so have been painting and burning kunim felt and vilene so the whole house stinks,painted felt does not burn too well so tried transfer dyes but could not get the colours I wanted.

Painting onto cotton and vilene worked a treat I used one of the foam stamps I had made by pressing it into buttons, and I added xandaprint which I had coloured first and when heated it gave me the texture I wanted.I tried using Lutrador but the thicker one once painted is very stiff and I didn't fancy embroidering into it.

The effect I am trying to achieve is of layers cracking open to reveal the ammonites underneath,I think my next step is to try a small section to see if it will work.


Sandy said...

WOW! That's a lot of experimenting. You must have had fun.

Genie said...

You have been busy, some lovely work

Jackie said...

Its great to see your experiments.This is what i need to do as my rut deepens!

sharon young said...

How exciting!!! I love where you're going with this Pippa, it was great to see your thought processes and experiments.
I really like your last piece showing your ideas for stitching, very helpful to see how you work out your textile pieces. Looking forward to the conclusion of this.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Busy, busy. Did you make stencils for the textured ammonites?
Putting sample testers in a book is something I should do. They tend to finish up in a box and then I have to try and remember how they were created!
so well done you.c

Ernie said...

Dear Pippa,

Many thanks you's to you and Mister-0-pip for your lovely birthday cheer. It took several days to get to your card as i was inundated with tributes both local and international!
I had a wonderful weekend and you will be thrilled to hear that The Baroness' Coombs and Stewart established a craft table immediately upon arrival at our digs. No doubt Lisa will forward some pictorial highlights, be sure to pay close attention to her spectacluar whale cake , which is now on permanent exhibition at Romatoes Leisure Centre , Pearl Beach, NSW, Australia. lots of love Ian xxoo

Heather said...

What a fantastic post - so much to see and learn. I quite liked your 'disappointing' ammonite. Do keep it, it might be just what you need one day! I most certainly do need my cataract op - you should see me try threading a needle!! The only downside is that I shall be able to see the cobwebs and dirty paintwork more clearly after tomorrow!!