Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow snow quick quick snow

I am not going to complain about the snow although it is going to be difficult if it goes on into next week as I will not be able to fit in all my patients, but then not having your toenails cut isn't exactly life threatening, when you think of those poor souls around Melbourne with the horrendous fires it must be so frightening,so I will not moan about the cold even if we do get another power cut.I have been reading on other peoples blogs about snow dyeing so thought I might as well put the stuff to a good use the problem was I couldn't check out the best way to do it as we had a power cut so just winged it. Below is the scrim that I dyed in the melted snow/ dye mixture. At first I was not too impressed with the result but when you look into the colours and see the fantastic patterns I was quite chuffed.

These are the two tubs of scrunched fabric with the snow on top look good enough to eat don't they .

The card this month for Calender girls was this one, a unicorn covered in jewels and a detailed background, so I had to simplify it. I put it into Kaleidoscope and came up with this I liked it,but was unsure what to do with it.

So it was made into the envelope and I drew out a simple design

which I was going to paint over felt, it ended up looking very "furry" and even covering it with aquawax didnt quitegive the right look,and I could not get the colours as in the card.

So back to painted calico with black chiffon machine sewn over the top and then unicorn horns hand sewn with a few beads. I did think about heat treating the chiffon but got cold feet and left it I just hope Doreen likes it especially as she is suffering in their heat wave.

I had time to make loads of cards trying out some new ideas this one is painted wallpaper and the inside of a tomato puree tube embossed and machine sewn on. The next three are -------------------eggshells from a picture I saw in Maggie Greys latest book.I finished off painting these with interference paints so difficult to photograph.

And these two are ---------------------------------- plastic pellets from a car air freshener which my husband had finished with so the cards smell good too.They were painted with paynes grey silver then ink and I had some chinese red rub and buff which I had bought in Oz and it really lifts the whole card. One thing I have found out is if your rub and buff or Treasure gold has dried out put a small amount of Turps substitute in and it will work a treat.


Guzzisue said...

wow, you have been busy, it's just starting to snow again and I have no idea where my dyes are!!

maggi said...

You have been so busy and such beautiful stuff. Too busy here struggling to work in the snow to have time or energy to use it.

Sandy said...

You've sure been busy with things I like a lot.

trashalou said...

Loving the idea of using the white stuff for fun stuff other than sledging!

Thank you for stopping by and commenmting. Please come back when the raffle is up and running on the weekend.

Sojourner Design said...

Wonderful wonderful work! I'm wondering how I could adapt snow dyeing to wool.

You mentioned Kaleidoscope; I'm not familiar with this. Is it a technique? A software program?