Monday, 2 February 2009

Rosalinds works of art

My sister Rosalind who gave me the book "Silk Unravelled"has made this stunning cushion from torn strips of silk and a lovely gerbera flower for her hat ,what talent.

We went to Ledbury today for our masterclass with Angie Hughes,we were using those blue foam block to print with,you heat them up with an iron with baking parchment on top of the block to protect the iron then press them onto an object to get a shape. Sue did the one below using dried leaves for an imprint, it really worked well. This one used a block which had been pressed into star anise and on the right a small strip which had pins to make the impression.

This one was dried beans and below cords from a belt.

This one of mine is star anise again and the squares are from garden netting.

and of course for me fossils.I went to the local kitchen shop in Ledbury to buy some star anise and the assistant asked me what recipe we were all going to make as she had sold a lot,when I told her it was for printing she very kindly sorted out all the whole ones for me,very sweet of her.Angie is running a tag competition when I can find the details I will post them.

The quilt for my daughter in Oz is finished and someone has offered to take it and a pair of Hunter wellies out to her,which is great.


fontainefleurie said...

Such a beautifull results these fabrics - just today I have found on a blog called 'fibrecircle' also interesting ways how to make stamp from meatboxes. And I have also used some grain for printmaking in molding past. greetings Dorie

Sue said...

I'm wondering if you know the brand name of the blue foam stuff, so I could see if it is available in Aust? It looks like a heap of fun, what wonderful results with a very simple technique. Thanks, Sue McB

maggi said...

The cushion and gerbera are so colourful. Thanks for sharing the prints - I have been wondering what to do with my star anise! The quilt looks great and how reassuring not have to trust it to the post.

sharon young said...

Lovely results from your printing workshop, Pippa, I was going to do one of Angie's workshops last year but couldn't get the timing right, as she's a long way from me so it means fitting it in with s/thing my Oh can do.

Guzzisue said...

looks like you had great fun :-)