Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Bath,card and books

We were given homework by Angie to make use of our stamped fabric,so a few rings of silk fabric bonded on black chiffon on the top. With some wadding underneath it was all tacked to hold it in place before quilting
It was then cut in two and the edges oversewn to make these two notebooks.

The insides showing the coloured papers,this is from an idea of Frances Pickerings,when you paint the paper with diluted inks or paints 1 2 or 3 colours and stack them on top or each other a right angles to dry so that you get these lovely lines and marks.

We had a day out in Bath this W/E as Olive the grandchild from hell has been "doing " the Romans at school and as we are riddled with Roman remains around here, with villas and mosaics,but I have not been to the baths since we went to a roman orgy about 35yrs ago and swam in them amongst other things.It was a great place to visit about 6 baths a frigorium and the temple.The water in the main bath is warm and yellow due to the salts,one of the baths is steaming,you can sample the water and it tastes very flat ,warm and rather like bath water!


The Celtic grandchild from hell with Flavia a Roman citizen,who was fantastic she kept in character, regardless of how many questions you asked and she had a great sense of humour.When asked about what language she spoke with the Celts,she said I wish that they would speak Latin but we have been told When in Britannia do as the Britannians do!

On Saturday my card arrived from Pat it is lovely,she thinks that unicorns are white and I admit I do too, if you would like to see how she arrived at it click here. She very kindly set me this lace as well.


Sandy said...

Nice books.

Jackie said...

I think you should definitely post about the Roman more detail!


Lovely makes and great pictures of Bath. I haven't been there for years (used to live near Bristol ... on several occasions!) and occasionally made my way to Bath for shopping trips.

Flavia looks a bit severe if you ask me!

lisette said...

i agree with jackie you can't just make an offhand remark about having been to a roman orgy and leave it at that - spill the beans! :)

love the notebooks btw they look wonderful

and thank you for your supportive comments during the bushfires - it has been a terrible time here in victoria

Heather said...

Thanks for the tip about taking a digital photo to remind me of where to place things. Your trip to Bath sounded fun. We went to the Baths about 30 years ago when our youngest was a toddler. She loved to paddle and on entering the Baths had her shoes off before I could stop her! Love the book cover you made at Angie's class. I have her book - it is very inspirational and she's a lovely person.

sharon young said...

Lovely book cover, I love those colours.
I must say, I'm as intrigued as everyone else to learn more about this Roman orgy, you didn't really think that one would just pass us by did you, we're much too nosey :-)