Saturday, 10 January 2009

postcards and Atcs

Before Christmas I was very honoured to be asked to join Calender girls a group of 13 bloggers who each month make a card from a given picture from a calender and send it on to another member,I of course accepted before they changed their minds.This month the artist was Shane Pickett an aboriginal from Oz it is asuperb pictur and i enjoyed doing it,I painted calico a la Fibre in form and then added french knots,below is the original.

I made this bag for my daughter as she liked the other one,I do like this colour she and my granddaughter are very good at wearing and using the items that I make which is very gratifying

I have also made 35 ATCs for a swap which Kate of quilting fame is organising,I think I prefer making postcards less of a fiddle.

I have been making more cards as I just adore this technique Fibre in form start another texture class very soon so go and book up you won`t be disappointed.

The leaves look so beautiful this time of year with a coating of frost.

Lynda from Purple Missus has been talking on her blog abut light tents,and in a ahha moment I thought well my chiropody light has a large round daylight bulb so lets go try it.The photo below is one taken in a mixture of artificial and daylight but the colour is truer in the one below taken with the daylight bulb.This time of year it is quite a problem taking a decent picture and getting the colours right. It is a piece of kunin felt coloured with transferred dyes and machine sewn with the addition of zapped organza and foils,we did it at Angie Hughes masterclass but it has not inspired me to finish it.

My chiropody light


Guzzisue said...

how many ATCs???? you have been so busy, they look great by the way, so would like to do fibre in form course when fit as your cards have great texture.

Pat said...

Wow, you have been busy. The ATC's are stunning.


I can't believe how much stuff you've done. I started off liking the calender picture and the bag, and then there was more and more! Some lovely ATC's - very interesting techniques and colours you've got there.

Sojourner Design said...

I really enjoyed those cards. I hadn't heard about that online class and appreciate the tip. The most recent class just started so perhaps next time.


maggi said...

You have been busy. Terrific work. I have a lamp like this but never thought about using it this way - thanks for sharing.

Purple Missus said...

What a lovely long post. The ATC's all look wonderful -as you say, very fiddly to do.
But I'm sure I never saw those samples from the workshop the first time I saw this post (in some other strange place).
They are brilliant. Love the colours.
And what a great idea for a temporary light box - why didn't I think of that???

Jackie said...

Thirty five!!!????
I need the daylight bulb I think. My last pics were atrocious.