Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year

A happy healthy and creative New Year to one and all.I spent some time reading other blogs when I should have been getting on with some work,Sharon`s is one that I read regularly and her latest blog is well worth a read she has intertwined her thoughts and photos perfectly,click here,is that doesn't work(I have no faith in my IT skills) it is One of her thoughts is on the loneliness of doing C&G, as a distance learning course I am so glad that I completed mine just as they were finishing around here such a pity.I was not gong to start until I had retired but went to the end of term exhibition and was hooked I went intending to do felting but the embroidery was so inspiring,tutor Frances Pickering, that I signed up for that instead.The 20 or so other students added to the fun and enjoyment of the course and I learnt as much from them as from the tutors, three of us still meet up regularly and exchange ideas and courses we have done, so I do feel for Sharon, but she has created some great pieces for her course. The library has got me "Finding your own visual image" I have only attempted two exercises so far but have read through the book twice,the articles on evaluation I really found useful as was the page on altering a piece but a lot of it is things we all know and do without being conscious of it. So you end up thinking what have I gained? and what does fiddling around with bits of paper and 20 rubber stamps do for you?I am not normally short of ideas and projects, and you just have to read some of the great blogs out there to get inspired and there is never going to be enough time to finish all the things I would like to make and do anyway so why do I spend time reading these books when I should get on and do it,having cut out these bits of paper and done this designing they do not attempt to mention how you transfer it to fabric.If you want a book to spark off new ideas ,yes I can see the point and they are 3 good tutors but what does everyone else think?Well I think my New Years resolution must be to stop procrastinating


sharon young said...

Very eloquently put, Pippa, and it echoes much of the frustration I've felt on the course.
I think there's a big hole in the book market for something that gudes you from the cutting paper stuff through the reasons to TIF, That is, what's behind what you want to create?
Where does your passion for the intended piece come from, what's your attatchment to the inspiration?
I don't want to be a conceptual designer but I do need to feel that my work has a truth and meaning to me.
I never was a person to do anything for the sake of it, and there seems to have been a lot of that on this course, which I think is why I feel as if I've travelled backwards such a lot of the time.

Sojourner Design said...

I agree, procrastination is a big problem; I find reading about methods and techniques as well as looking at the work of wonderful fiber artists so intoxicating!

I thought that C & G is completely defunct but you referred to it as now being distance learning. Would you write more about that?