Sunday, 25 January 2009

I am a lucky girl

My first Calender Girls arrived in the post this week, and it could not have been a better one,it was from Val, I love the way she has kept the beauty and colours of the original in her version of it,I am so grateful.Haven't done much this week as we have been moving furniture about and the carpet fitters have chipped the paint off the skirting board in our newly decorated bedroom.I rang up the boss to complain about this and he had the cheek to tell me it was probably because it had not been decorated very well.This annoyed me as I was the one who had sanded and painted them,so he got an earful, he hasn't knocked anything of the bill so he is going to get another call.
Great egg drawings,just a shame that Paul the tutor drew them and not me.

Husband and I have have just started 6 weeks of drawing classes,for beginners,3hours went by so fast.After several warming up exercises he had us drawing eggs,difficult getting them to look solid but he was very good at explaining how to curve the shading lines to make the egg "pop" out.

I tried drawing this pear at home as we are supposed to draw each day, why it looks as if it is leaning backwards I have no idea.

This is what I settled for in the end thanks to those who helped by commenting, only another 3 to go.
After a great morning at drawing classes lunch in a pub for £2.00 each we came home to decorate a bedroom,my husband passed out twice went down like a tree,quite worrying I took his B/P and it was a bit on the low side so he was told to stay in bed.Typical man decided to get up and he keeled over again so phoned the GP who much to my amazement was still at the surgery and took him down.His B/P was right down due to the fact that they had him on Ramipril as he is a diabetic to test his kidneys and the dose was too high,quite a worry so he is off the tablets and he is now fine one way to get out of the decorating


Susan D said...

My Mum is on that tablet as well. Thanks for the info, before christmas I heard a loud bang and when I went down found her on the kitchen floor. She didn't know what happened but perhaps her BP had gone down to low.

sharon young said...

Glad your hubby is fine, what shock!!

Love the finished amonite piece, it works really well.

Your sketches are looking great, especially the eggs in the middle pic.

Jackie said...

Hi Pippa
What a shock to see your husband keel first I thought youi should have spent more on your lunch! But of course there were other problems.
(I want to say that all those links to my blog after this post are not my doing. Its an automatic blogger thing and you have to stop it if you don't want them. I have already had a good telling off from one blogger so I thought I'd pre empt any more.)


Nice eggs! I have the opposite problem and have a BP of 200/160 which is fairly disgusting for a 53 year old. My GP says it's simply part of the ageing process. Thanks! Hope your husband is a bit better now and has started the decorating. I love the image done by Shane Pickett. It's been haunting me for the last few days since I read about it on your earlier posting. It's something about that orange foreground and the dots going through the darkness. I can feel something brewing in the back of my mind. It's truly beautiful.

maggi said...

Love the postcard from Val - she does beautiful work and so varied. Sorry to her about your husband, a frightening experience for you. Glad they sorted out what it was.