Saturday, 17 January 2009

Help please

Blogging tonight as tomorrow we have to shift furniture in 3 bedrooms for new carpet and I have a strong suspicion that I will not be able to get into my crafting room.I am doing a series of 4 of these box canvases 2 rust coloured 2 turquoise,with painted ,zapped, and stitched kunin felt Plus ammonites.Well the question is,has the first got enough on it or does the 2nd one look better? any suggestions would be appreciated.Forgot to use the daylight bulb.

Something someone told me once was to take a photo of where you had placed pieces so that you could put them back in the same place,you probably already know this, but if like me the memory is going it is a great reminder.This is a lap quilt I am making for my daughter in Oz, why she wants a lap quilt when it has been 40 degrees in Sydney I have no idea.She wants to try living back in the U.K !

These are 2 of the finished squares,the shoes are because Lisa loves her shoes and the piece by Edward Mon kton is right up her street." When I wear my killer heels men will gasp with passion ,lust and longing & girls will sigh with despair.For I shall be the total queen of hotness & they shall be my faithful humble slaves."Great


Jackie said...

Two things..we are also getting new carpet Monday and house is in turmoil.
Second..we took our son out to eat in Didsbury on friday night and every girl I SAW WAS IN KILLER HEELS..IN FACT THEY LOOKED AS IF THEY WERE THE ONES BEING KILLED!That wasn't meant to be in caps but it suits it!

Pat said...

I think your daughter wants a lap quilt because it's gorgeous!!

maggi said...

I recently read somewhere that if you need to ask if a piece needs anything more - it does. Only you can really look at it and decide whether it is enough. Both look great incidentally. The lap quilt is so cute - that coming from someone who never wears anything with a heel!

sharon young said...

For what it's worth, Pippa, being a fan of 'less is more' I like the top one best, but they both look great.
Love the quilt and a wonderful idea! How big is a lap quilt?

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Thanks for your blog comment.
Re: Help - Definitely not more and if you want to use as much as possible take away the top right light gold ammonite - better balance.
You are turning out now and quilts with that many pieces take such a lot of time.