Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Studio journal 5

We had to choose a dingbat and enlarge it using this image we had to use repetition, overlapping

I coloured the shape and changed the size, the others are Positive/negative images and overlapping, the image reminds me of an Egyptian design or a ginko baloba leaf.

The next stage was to chose a design and enlarge it so that parts of it could be reused, fragmentation,I enjoyed this process and next time would pick a more complicated design.I used a stamp image but as it is in quarters not enough difference in the various parts, the stamp is shown down to the left

In 20 cm squares I drew sections of my enlarged stamp,to see if they could be used for further designs.This is a resolved piece using the dingbat stamp and hand quilted

Thursday, 24 July 2008

3D challenge

This is my 3D challenge I wanted to make from felt a vessel that looked as though it had been dug up as if it was grave goods old and rusty, I was inspired by Lynda`s work at Purple Missus. the fabric was 2 layers of man made felt embellished together with seams and rivets also embellished
onto the surface.But why oh why does some felt melt and not others, this one I had to hack chunks off with a wood burning tool which I also used to burn on a Celtic motif,before first painting it dark grey and the for the rust Quinacridone gold, it looks much bluer in the photos

I also felted this piece to go my sketchbook journal the colours had to be the opposites as I did not have any dark knobbly bits of wool

Monday, 21 July 2008


The first part of the lesson was to take photo`s of shapes round square & triangular,circles were by far the easiest

Here we had to take part of the photo trace it off and stylise it, the picture of the bridge I put into paintshop before printing it out onto fabric treated with Bubblejet set, i am going to embroider into it

Designs produced from one picture and a photo.

We were asked to take a photo trace off a section and then enlarge it to touch 3 edges of a triangle, this really worked for me I love the ammonites, they were stamped from a lino cut i had made onto fabric.

This was from a photo where I had taken one shape and played with it, it looks to me like patchwork clam shells

Sunday, 20 July 2008


This is a notebook cover that I made some years ago by ironing layers of clingfilm & snippets of material and thread then freehand machining on the top, it shrunk like the devil,I have posted this as Lynda,(Purple Missus) was showing how to use Texturite on her blog. She is having trouble getting hold of it and I thought the clingfilm had a similar effect
This glove by Freddie Robins is called "Hand of good,Hand of God" it is part of an exhibition called "Deviants" now touring the country.It made me smile I thought it was a clever idea, and as I can not knit I was most impressed by all those hands.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

studio journal

We were asked to cut out shapes from paper to show negative and positive images we could then transfer them onto fabric well I suppose you could then make lino cut stamps to apply the image, or print with the computor directly onto the fabric using Bubblejet set, but I am not inspired by mine. The coloured image was papercuts bonded with bondaweb and then a wash of inks.

We had to alter some photos with a kaleidoscope design & then simplify it ready to use on fabric ,didn`t really appeal to me. These 2 black and white designs were left over from the negative/positive pieces so one I wove and the other looks like a cross between Ned Kelly and a creature from outer space,oh well!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Lisa`s chicken

This superb chicken was made by my very talented daughter from Plaster of Paris bandages when she lived in the outback in Oz. the legs her then boyfriend made from twisted metal and are very chickenlike.This chicken has lived on the kitchen table for about 3 yrs then in our hall for a 1yr. and now in the garden.It can seen from my treatment room and all my patients comment on how lovely it is.

This is my prototype for a rusted vessel I am going to make it will be of embellished felt painted and distressed, work in progress at the moment as I am going to try a copper vessel as well

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Studio journal

I found the cutting out of the colours more useful than I thought they would be, and a great way to work out colour schemes before cutting cloth.As I had spent a lovely sunny day gardening I used the colours of the sun ,soil and flowers.

The painting with cling film worked well and I used acrylic paints

Sunday, 6 July 2008


We went down to Portsmouth as my husband had organised a fund raising dinner for the 1805 club(a Nelson society) which was being held in the Royal Navy Museum, a great honour.It was to raise funds to repair the tomb of Sir Henry Bayntun, who was an Admiral in Nelson`s fleet at Trafalgar,he is buried at bath. We were drummed into dinner by the Cumberland Guard shown on the right.

A model of Nelson and a mask of his face, he was quite tiny and when you see his clothes they look as though they could belong to a child.

A shot of the rigging which i am going to use in a Displacement map, and the Victory at night

I do love the shape & texture of artichokes and sea holly