Sunday, 21 December 2008

A very Merry Christmas to one and all, have a great time and a very healthy New Year,and many thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this blog and comment it is much appreciated

My husband who is in deep trouble moved my bay tree about 9 months ago it was about 12 years old and I had nurtured and pruned it into a lovely round ball on a straight trunk,well in moving it he killed it off.So my lovely daughter from Oz has sent me these two beautiful trees to replace it,I am a lucky lady,and husband will not be allowed to touch them. His worst deed to date concerns my catalogue,I am taking part in Maggie Greys online tutorial and the catalogue has been out in the garden since the summer and he was asked not to move it.Well for a man who never puts anything away or clears up he had a sudden rush of blood to the head and put it in the recycling bin,and it has gone forever,I am contemplating a quick divorce or even murder.


Jackie said...

I'm glad you like the snow..I had to change the background colour so it would show. Hope it looks OK.
By the way the questions you asked about galleries are exactly the reasons I have my doubts!
I love your bay trees. I hope you have a very happy christmas.

Ernie said...

Who is that unfortunate wretch with the bulbous red proboscis?
Merry christmas to all. xxoo


Why do they do these things? I've just finished tidying and cleaning and was having a cup of tea before my guests arrived and DH decides it would be a brilliant idea to take the garden clippings to the tip - through the house. Aargh! Merry Christmas and stay sane.

Purple Missus said...

Where would we be without them!!

Have a very happy Christmas Pippa and I hope 2009 brings you everything you wish for - including a healthy Bay tree and a distressed catalogue *LOL*