Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hard grafting, no crafting

Spent most of my spare time and this W.E decorating our bedroom I think we are getting too old for it groaning up and down ladders and in my case unable to get up after painting skirting boards.I used to do all the decorating and quite enjoyed it but when my husband said "I think I will get another ladder when we next do some decorating" I was thinking "No fear I am going to pay someone". I think it would make more sense for me to treat patients feet and pay someone to do the decorating especially having just noticed how uneven the top of the wallpaper is.Well I suppose we can whack up some coving,we have a Victorian house and they have high ceilings and very uneven walls. Have also made 200 Christmas cards for my patients seemed like a good idea at the time but even using the gocco to make the screen print they took quite a time,I have had the message inside printed so that made life easier

This little fellow has been born at Sydney Zoo he is a Pygmy hippo,and my lovely daughter is going to try and get me one for Christmas a bit of a messy feeder but very cute.


Guzzisue said...

aahhhh he is so cute!!!!!


Oh goodness this is so cute it makes my toes curl. Nobody told me about jobs looking after little chaps like this!

fontainefleurie said...

Hi, I have been scrolling trough your posts and I do like the samples you have made. There is a good change that I will follouw the online course now, because you showed me beautifull textures I want to learn too. What are you gonna do with the samples? Bundle them in a book? Or making jewelry's. I like to follow your blog. Mine is Greetings, Dorie

Purple Missus said...

When I first read that you wanted one for Christmas thought you meant in place of a turkey !!

As long as you remember that a Pygmy Hippo is for life not just for Christmas **LOL**

sharon young said...

Love the idea of roasted suckling hippo:-)
I think you're soooooo........ good to be doing up the spare room, that was my Christmas task, but having bought the wrong bits for the futon from Ikea at the end of November we went off the boil, I hope when we get the new bits tomorrow we don't get inspired again.

Jackie said...

OH I want one too. Already got the Victorian house with the high ceilings..we are painting the front room between christmas and new Year because we had a flood and are claiming a new carpet on the insurance..can't afford to replace worn out sofa)