Saturday, 8 November 2008

what a lovely surprise

This arrived in the post,I had taken part in Kate`s quilt swap and lucky me I was the one to receive hers,it is absolutely gorgeous, the colours were just right and the quilting is superb I am so pleased many thanks Kate for being my partner, it is up on my hall wall for all to admire.
I love the shape of the quilt.I am doing the fibre in form textured surfaces class with Lynda and Carol, and it is really good some great ideas and they are so attentive on the forum site,it is well worth £30.00 in fact it is worth a lot more, below are some of my pieces I have not written too much about the process as it would not be fair.The 3 below are my favourites they look just like pewter
The texture is made by adding lace to the molding paste or scrim and embossed wallpaper.

This is layers of fabric machine sewn before painting

This material below is convex all though it doesn't look it , these 2 pieces were machine quilted and then painted.

These have both stitched fabric and tyvek which was then painted.

These were calico coated in molding paste and then a home made stencil pressed in ,left to dry and then painted.

This sample is machine sewn tyvek which was blasted with a heat gun and then painted to look rusty.

These 2 were machine sewn using a zigzag stitch over cords before painting.


maggi said...

Lucky you with the quilt, it is stunning. The samples from your class are awesome, the first ones really do look like metal. Will definitely take this one next time round. Couldn't fit it in this time with 2 of Sharon's and Maggie's free one.

sharon young said...

What a gorgeous quilt, no wonder you were so pleased.
I love all your experiments in the FiF classes, Your colours are beautiful, my favourite is the pleated sample in the 4th pic down, it works really well, so do the ammonite samples. I wish I'd had time to do the course, but I daren't get distracted from the C&G.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on my last post, I do feel a lot better now I've begun to pull it round.

Genie said...

your samples are lovely, and the quilt is beautiful, Lucky you.

Guzzisue said...

These samples are brilliant, makes me wish I had the time to do this course.


Love the samples, and I love the quilt! So glad you found me again after my blogging shenanigans! (I'm back to stay now)

Michele Matucheski said...

Dear Hippopip,
I met you in the Fibre-in-Form Class. I really like what you've done with the class assignments (and beyond). I want to tag you for the 7 Things Meme. Rules are on my blog at
It's a great way to develop the community of fiber arts bloggers. Feel free to decline--I know this is a busy time of year.