Sunday, 16 November 2008


Although I am enjoying them all 2 online courses, one masterclass and a weekly screen printing course is rather too much. fitting work in as well is getting difficult, so the theme for all is ammonites which does make life easier, the print below is to test the exposure time of the screen and is 4hrs work!, next week we design the real thing, I took this course to help with screen printing on fabric but it is geared towards producing a work of art on paper,so not sure how much help it will be,I do not think that the Tate Modern are going to be rushing to my door to see the results.
I read Dogdaisychains blog and she does some beautiful embroidery she sells on Etsy and Flikr, I was tempted by these cuffs and brooch,they are velvet on grey silk,I could not get the colours to photograph the velvet is the most beautiful colours of luscious pale mauve & lilac.Sorry Jackie I have not done them justice and they are so beautiful in real life.I have lived and died in them since they arrived and when I pointed them out to my dear husband he said " I thought they were some sort of needle guard to protect you when you are sewing", what do you do with them!

I decided to make these cuffs as my daughter had said how some of the paint effects from Carol & Lynda`s course looked just like metal.These cuffs below are made from calico embossed wallpaper and string, quite effective considering there origins,the colour in real life is more pewter /silver ,but they do look metallic.It has been a great course and a real learning curve,very good clear instructions ,great `photos,and they must have lived on the computer replying to every ones questions,they make great tutors and I would recommend it to everyone.I have the last lesson to go through some of it I will not be doing as it is making books and folders to put our finished pieces in and I really have enough of those.


Jackie said...

Hi Pippa.Men! Honestly..still they just don't understand. I love your wallpaper cuffs. The metallic effect is great.

sharon young said...

These are stunning cuffs, Pippa, how lucky is your daughter!!!!
The technique does look really great.
Re the screen printing, is it so different on fabric? I thought you'd just use dyes and not printing ink, but then I've only ever done it on fabric and exposed the screens with designs on acetate on a light box.

Carol said...

Wow these are too cool,I love them, clever you!

lesley said...

What beautiful cuffs, both yours and Dogdaisychains! I would be proud to wear all! What a lucky daughter you have. I have been very tempted to place an order for a cuff from Dogdaisychains Etsy shop. Now I see you have worn yours constantly since you recieved it, I have the insentive to go ahead and place an order. Thanks for sharing. xx