Sunday, 23 November 2008

The best £30 I have ever spent

The book cover having been quilted and painted with white paint waiting for the next layer of paint.This is from Carol and Lynda`s Textured surfaces course which has been brilliant,it is so great to get to do some of the superb effects you see on their blogs all this plus a really humming forum for £30 I think it is the best money I have ever spent and I would recommend it to everyone. My rusted sheets of tyvek.

Book cover painted and covered in fabric medium

Along the lines of June Barnes type of quilting this piece was quilted on plain calico,over wool wadding it also has strimmer cord between the calico and the wadding as this distorts when the piece is shrunk,it is then dyed in the low immersion way.I hope it is going to end up as an ammonite
corset once it has been beaded and the edges sorted.

This is how far I have got with the Sharon`s course it is taking ages and as I have not been on any long car journeys it has been put on the back burner.I did do some at the Quiz night at our golf club,we win more often than not,and I got quite a few comments about being able to sew and get the questions right,I did point out that as a female I could multi task,but in reality I play with 3 very intelligent people and I just make up the numbers.

Part of the ammonites theme a small bag felted in one piece e.g. over a plastic former,well a question for any felters,when you cut the bag out the bottom with care stays in a bag shape but the flap then has 2 thicknesses,which were to thick to go under the embellisher,which is how I did the "ammonites" in the end I cut the 2nd layer off and it has worked well.Does anyone know the right way to do it.My son and I and Sam my grandson went down to the Severn at Aust to look for fossils as he hold been told there were masses at the cliffs there,Well we walked miles poor Sam who is 5 had to climb over all the rocks which must of been huge to him and never complained once and we did not find a single fossil of note.Some lovely large pieces of quartz too big too carry.Sam love him' lumped all the way back a large plastic jerrycan which his reluctant Father put in the car for him,he did the same thing at Weston when I took him about a month ago. The last lot of cuffs my daughter walked off with one, a friend another so I made some more two copper and two gold.


maggi said...

Your book cover is looking wonderful. Having just joined the course so that I can be prepared for the next ones I am only lurking in the group but have been trying out some things and totally agree that it is excellent value for money. Can't wait to see the ammonite corset when it is finished. Embroidery is looking good too -I'm with you on that it certainly is a slow process!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I see the 'overkill' is still in full flow. It is good that you are enjoying these workshops. Look forward to seeing them finished.

Carol said...

Hi Pippa, thank you for your kind words on the course :)
Those cuffs are stunning and the book cover is looking pretty good too,
can't wait to see the ammonite corset when its finished I just put June Barnes book on my wishlist.

Purple Missus said...

Thanks Pippa for your wonderful comments about the workshop - you have been a model student, except for the Tyvek episode when I thought you were going to cause disruption **LOL**
Your book cover is looking really good, so pleased you chose to make it.
The ammonite corset looks, in the words of Craig RH - fab-u-less. :))
Love the dusky colours. Look forward to seeing it finished.

Fabienne said...

I really love your work! Your book cover is beautiful!
Fabienne from France

sharon young said...

Lovely post, Pippa, the book cover looks brilliant, and I love the idea of an amonite corset.